Japan GameMarket Autumn @ Tokyo | First Day | 2017.12.02

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New Game [Honest Rabbits]

The most "honest" player can win a victory!
The winning strategy is to trust and to be trusted.

Going to forward with Reliable friends!!!

With the simple rule, anybody are able to do this game easily. At first, you should try to align three cards in your hands with colors, number or in a row. You must get the forth card from another player. You can choose whom you trust to win together.

If anyone will achieve in the next turn, let you shout "I have that card!" regardless of whether you have it or not.

You are honest, aren't you?


Card Type

There are 7 cards from #1 to #7 in each 6 colors. (Total 42 cards)

Purpose of the game

After arranging your hands of 3 cards by colors or numbers, get the last card from another player's cards in order to complete the hand ranking. You and the player providing you the last card can advance the each pieces forward. The player to reach the goal earliest will win the game.

Preparation for the game

Distribute 3 cards to each player's hand. (Don't open your cards to other players.) Make a stock and the layout of 3 cards. Align "map card" in front of players. Put pieces at starting point.

Progress of game

Decide the first player for the turn. Beginning of the turn, the player choose the action [1] or [2] as below.

[1]Change the card.

  • Discard 1 card and get 1 card from the layout. Refill the layout from the stock.

[2]Try making hands.

    Open your cards and say a required card to complete hands. Choose 1 card from other player and add that card to your hands.

    IF YOU SUCCESS to making hands,

    you and the player providing you the last card advance the each pieces 3 steps forward . Only You and that player discard all cards and draw 3 cards from the stock.

    IF YOU FAIL to making hands,

    you reverse your piece 2 steps backward and discard all cards, draw 3 cards from the stock. The player blocking the making hands advance his/her piece 1-step forward, draw 1 card from the stock. The other players keep his/her hands, and go to the next player's turn. (When running out the stock, Shuffle all discarded cards and make new stock.)

Winning Hands

  • Same Color
  • Same Number
  • Sequential numbers


You can get at the Japan GameMarket 2017 Auntmn @ Tokyo (2017 December 02)

For now, you can get the "Honest Rabbits" only at the gamemarket. Please come on Japan Gamemarket at the Tokyo Big Site, 2 December 2017

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Japan Game market Tokyo 2017 | First Day Only

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